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An Online Multi-Seller Book Launched in Nigeria



Authors and book sellers in Nigeria can now benefit from the internet technology as Stone Age Media Ltd. has taught it wise to launch an online platform for the selling and buying of books for the Nigeria market. The site is created to function like Amazon.

The online platform which is called iKasuwa provides a veritable opportunity for local publishers and booksellers to advertise their works so that consumers will easily buy them.

Authors and booksellers that would want to use the platform should first sign up and create account with the site just as it is the case with Amazon. However, the accounts have to be verified and activated before users will be able to exhibit their books.

Books can be sold in the site in different formats which include hard prints, audiobooks, PDFs and ePUD. Buyers that purchase hard copies of books through the site will receive their copies through verified vendors.

Mr. Adetayo Adegbenle, the CEO of Stone Age Media Limited who spoke during the launch ceremony said iKasuwa would provide booksellers, publishers and authors the opportunity to make their catalog available for book buyers to search through in order to find and purchase the books they need.

Mr. Adetayo disclosed that the site has attracted international publishers who according to him have promised to join the platform.

Buyers can pay for the books they purchase with VoguePay and Paypal.

The name of the platform is derived from the Hausa word for market, “Kasuwa.” The prefix i is an acronym for the internet. The word thus literally means the internet market. iKasuwa is designed to bring book lovers together. If you are a book lover, the establishment of iKasuwa is good news for you.