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 It has been a very intensive week with Africabuild Lagos Exhibition, as I was there representing Cerámicas Miura, together with the owner of the factory Mr. Pascual Miura.

Ceramicas Miura

Ceramicas Miura it´s a Luxury Décor Tile factory, that together with his parent company Azuliber is offering an innovating and totally different product to the Nigerian Finishing Products business. I am very glad to say that our products have caused a great and impressive impact in all our visitors, and we are immensely happy with the results during and after the Event.

Cbe2OtjXEAAMXvkAlthough the Exhibition has been really great, we have ended the week convinced on the fact that our great success with the presentation of Ceramicas Miura / Azuliber product to the Nigerian Market  is caused principally by the product, as it speaks for itself, the innovating factor, the differentiation among other similar products in the market together with our “total quality guaranty formula”, and our “totally customizable system” was really welcomed by everybody that visited us. And on the other hand the previous work of awareness and the after trade fair pre- scheduled meetings that Lady Nancy Group has done for Ceramicas Miura, has been crucial for an accomplished objective beyond the Exhibition.

Untitled-2As for the Spanish Pavilion generally, together with other countries pavilions (Austria, Italy, Turkey, Germany, etc) the response of the clients has been also very good but poor, and this has been the pullulating impression among exhibitors.

Therefore, I would like, on this regard, to send a constructive feedback to Africabuild Organisers ITE Build & Interiors and Fairtrade.

You have successfully been able to gather a great number of Exhibitors, almost 100 manufacturers and companies from different countries, (which is really nice for a First Edition) that have delivered a wonderful representation of great opportunities for Nigerian Market, and the venue was really well organised, in a very well located and conducive area of Lagos.

But sincerely, the advertising and publicity work of the Event among the Nigeria and principally Lagos population has been extremely poor. As a reference I can say that none of the clients in Nigeria (architects, project managers, construction companies, consultants, quantity surveyors…) that I encourage and made them to come to the venue were aware of the Exhibition a part of all the information I gave to them, not only that, they didn´t even know where the Events Center was, that I had to direct most of them to the place through different references. I have actually witnessed by myself the close to no advertisement of the event, a part of a Castles full back advert page at the very days of the event, and an article at The Guardian the second day of Exhibition, that was actually ending the next day, the article itself was not focusing on the event per se or even the exhibitors but on the personalities that came to the Opening Session.

Therefore, it can be very discouraging for the exhibitors that have invested a good amount of money and human resources to encounter a such poor attendance, that you can even wonder where the money you’ve paid has gone, a part of the renting of the place and the quite big number of personnel hired to attend visitors registration.

According to the “none confirmed” numbers facilitated by the Spanish Office for Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Spanish Embassy during the trade fair, pre- registration of visitors was 500 people and actual attendance was 600 people. So… excuse me! Six hundred people attendance in a 7 million census counted population city?, that is, if we do not consider main cities like Abuja and Port Harcourt, and even the rest of the whole Nigeria.

All my comments are to help in the improvement and continuation of this great and needed opportunity of an International Trade Fair for Construction Sector in Nigeria, that have been useful in this first edition to even encourage both manufacturers and Nigeria entrepreneurs to pay closer and serious attention at the opportunities of investment for local production partnership.

And by the way I can´t finish this article without saying. What! ₦2,500.00 for this… vegetarian sandwich?, where is the vegetarian sandwich here, in fact where is the sandwich self?

I thank God for the wonderful hospitality of the Spanish Embassy that took good care of our feeding during the fair from the very next day, with coffee, pastries, cakes… real and delicious vegetable baguettes and mini hamburgers, and it is fair to say there were from the same catering company. I cannot give you pictures of it because we ate it all!

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