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The 5 Most Innovative Technology Products from Africa to The World.



Although the present generation of African youths are bold, innovative, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs that are always inventing and developing new Technology Products from Africa that simplify everyday life. The world is yet to accord their inventions the true recognition they deserve. Their inventions transform trends in the world of technology with global appeal and commercial viability but are just not recognized. It’s high time the world starts to take notice. Check out these 5 of such innovative products and let us know what you think;

Mubser from Egypt
This navigational breakthrough aid tool is designed for visually impaired people. It’s a belt connected to headset Bluetooth that helps blind people navigate around common obstacles easily. The product recognizes these obstacles by leveraging RGB imaging and infrared depth data collected by a 3D depth camera and quickly uses a built in audio speaker and vibration motor to notify the user. 22 year old Khaled Shady who is an Egyptian student and other students of computer engineering at the Menoufia University, Egypt developed the Musber.

Mellowcabs from South Africa
These are high tech electric pedicabs manufactured from recycled materials and primarily provide first and last mile public transport in urban cities. They fill a 3km radius gap for commuters who are in need of micro transport. They provide more than 100km of transport daily and come with modern technology like regenerative brakes, hydrogen fuel cells, on board tablet computers and so on. Neil du Preez, the South African serial entrepreneur gave this to the world.

Cardiopad from Cameroon
This is a touch screen medical tablet that makes heart examinations such as electrocardiogram (ECG) possible in rural areas with the ability to transfer the test result wirelessly to specialists at headquarters for interpretation. The device eliminates the trouble of having to travel to the cities for an examination by urban dwellers. It was invented by Arthur Zang, a Cameroonian.

Savvyloo from South Africa
Savvyloo is a self-contained, easy to assemble waterless toilet that is pedal operated and has a conical disc that separates urine, diarrheic and other liquids from solids. It was designed for South Africa’s rural communities and informal settlements. It drains liquids and diarrheic waste through a central liquids sump into a soak away. Its contents dry quickly through a mechanism thereby eradicating pathogens and odours.

The Malaria pf/PAN (pLDH) Test Kit
This is a wonderful diagnostic test kit that determines the presence of all strains of malaria within 30 minutes. Its diagnosis is very effective even if the malaria case had been effectively treated. Malaria pf/PAN (pLDH) test kit is one of the only nine varieties we have in the whole world. It is the only test of its kind that is 100% owned by an African company.

These are the five innovative Technology Products from Africa that Africa has given for the advancement of the whole world. With all the benefits that the world is deriving from these products, Africa is still not getting the proper recognition for its contributions. The recognition would have served as a platform for further encouragement in new areas of development and innovation.