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15 Amazing Things to Do in Indonesia on a Budget

Want to have a blast whilst travelling Indonesia? You don’t have to spend a bomb, when on a budget there is so much to see and do. Here’s how!




“To travel is to live”- Hans Christian Andersen

Right in Southeast Asia, between the pacific and the Indian oceans is the lovely Indonesia. This is the world’s largest island country, with rich features, a very vibrant history, diverse mindset of people, varied cultural outfits, and famous Yoga Retreats in Indonesia.

Although many would say that Indonesia is costly, we say, you can enjoy Indonesia on a budget. Make this place your dream destination to visit for the upcoming holidays. Use our tips that will help you to navigate this wonderful and fascinating nation; albeit breaking your bank account.

15 activities that will let you enjoy Indonesia on a budget, without breaking the bank!

Thankfully, there are many ways to delve deep into the magical ways of Indonesia and to enjoy it as well, and you wouldn’t have to spend a lot too. There are 17000 islands that offer a magical experience to those that love the white sandy beaches to chill and relax, as the jet lag sets in. Apart from that, here are fifteen ways to enjoy Indonesia without spending too much, take a look!

1. A must visit to the famous Tanah Lot Temple

This is a must do, a visit to the famous Tanah Lot temple should be on your list of things to do in Indonesia. It is a very famous place because of its offshore settings and the beautiful sunset backdrops. This is why this Hindu temple is one of the most popular tourist landmarks to visit on a budget. The temple sits pretty on to of a cliff, and below it are the crashing waves of the sea, which makes it an iconic spot to visit. There are smaller shrines that dot along the temple, and along with that you would find a cultural park that holds regular dances, shops and restaurants too. It is open all days from 7 AM to 7 PM.

2. The famous Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Imagine being amidst rice paddies which involve subak; a traditional method of Balinese cooperative irrigation system. This is what we are talking about, and it is magical to be amongst the green paddies. You must explore Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud, when you plan a trip to Indonesia, and it doesnt cost a bomb to do so. There are scenic looks to enjoy which spread across the slopes and the valleys. If you are a nature lover or a painter, this place would be a treat for you. The place is also filled with cafes and kiosks, offering wares and goods produced locally. This place is open 24 Hours

3. Explore the Bali Safari & Marine Park

visit is a must to the famous Bali Safari and Marine Park, when you head on to Indonesia this time. It has over forty hectares of land in the well-known Giyanar regency. This is a place which offers a fun day out, and serves as one of the most visited and largest island theme parks as well. There are over sixty species of animals that are allowed to roam free in the enclosures here, which emulate the natural habitats of the animals. You can have fun whilst enjoying a safari ride in the bus, or watch the talented elephants in the shows, and even cuddle up with baby orangutans too. There is a lot that you can do here without having to cut your purse too much. The park is open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM.

4. The Famous Besakih Temple

When you come to this beautiful island, there is so much to do and see that you wont ponder over a budget. Indonesia has a rich diversity, and many famous temples that you can visit without spending too much of your money. For example, a visit to the well-known Besakih temple or the Balis Mother Temple, which is over a thousand years old, is a must thing to do in the country. It is situated over a thousand meters high on the south west slopes of the famous Mount Agung. This is a place known for its art and unique complex which has around eighty six temples. It is surrounded by beautiful scenes that will take your breath away; the rice paddies, streams, mountains and hills.

5. Enjoy Surfing in Kuta

Full of fun and very interesting, one of the things to do in Kuta, Indonesia would be to have a great time surfing on the Kuta Beach. Located in South Bali, there is a strip of beaches where the sea rests on a sand bar, and you have gentle waves that roll in for you to enjoy; if you are a beginner learning to surf. You can also take surfing lessons from experts around the beach if you need one, or rent sponge boards and go hit the waves. Crash into the waters and hit the shores like a pro for no cost at all, literally. You would also enjoy the beautiful sunsets here, apart from the surfing at Kuta beach.

6. Laze around Lake Toba

One of the best things to do around Indonesia would be to laze around and stroll across the famous Lake Toba. This is a natural lake which is borne out of a crater from a dormant volcano, and is the largest volcanic lake in the world as well. You can swim, and enjoy plenty of sporting activities on the lake. Apart from that, you can visit the many traditional houses of the indigenous Batak people around. There are also ornate stone replicas of the Batak houses that you can visit. These are the graves of the long dead Batak royal people, kings and the nobles. If that is not all, on a budget you can also spend the afternoon in the Batak village, learning about the weaving techniques and other art forms as well.

7. Visit the famous Ubud Art Market

When we say shopping, we don’t mean that you have to drain your bank account indulging in shop till you drop. The famous Ubud art market is a must place to visit when you are in Indonesia. This market is located bang opposite the Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace. It is open everyday. You would find plenty of art and cultural items being sold in this market – from beautiful silk scarves to shirts and bags that are handmade and hand woven too. There are even hats and baskets, kites, statues and many more cultural handicrafts on sale here. Shop till you drop, but without spending too much, we promise.

8. Check out the long-tailed monekys at the Monkey Forest

Just as the famous Mandala SuciWenaraWana, the Monkey Forest in Ubud is also very well-known for its tourist’s attractions. One way to have fun the cheap way is to visit this forest, and check out the home to more than seven hundred Balinese long tailed monkeys.this forest is bang in the center of a local village- the PADANGTEGAL. It is also considered to be a vital economic spot and a spiritual center by the locals. This is also an educational center too.  There are around one hundred and eighty six species of trees to be found here, which makes it interesting to explore, and one of the most fascinating things to do on a budget in Indonesia.

9. Explore Borobudur Temple

The Borobudur Temple is very beautiful, both in person and even in photos. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is an important landmark in Buddhist civilization. The entrance fee is minimal, so once again you would be travelling to this place on a budget. The architecture and the mise-en-scene around are stunning and one of a kind. This temple is open to visit from morning six to evening five, all days. If you love photography, this place would be a treat for you.

10. Visit CandiPrambanan Temple

The Prambanan Temple is a famous temple in Indonesia, and the largest too. This place is said to have been built to replace Buddhism and the Borobodur temple, when the Hinduism power was at large during the 9th century. The temple has individual temples within its complex, and they are dedicated to Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva respectively.

10. Visit the Baturaden Waterfalls in Puwokerto

It is a very popular destination amongst the locals, and even foreigners alike are getting to know this place. The Baturaden waterfalls are easy to reach when you rent a bike, and it is only half an hour away from Puwokerto. You would need a nice swimsuit, and a few food items to get to this place. You would like to take a trip to the local waterfalls here, for a quiet experience and a chance to mingle with the locals.

11. Hike Dieng Plateau

Mount Ijen and Mount Bromo are both known to be very popular, and should be on your must to do visit list when in Indonesia. It is still on the off-beaten path, but that is what makes this place so enchanting and magical to visit. The Dieng Plateau should be on your list to hike at. It has unique volcanic complexes which offer you a chance to be within the gorgeous green hills, and lakes of multi colors too. You can hike solo or go with travel groups to this place.

11. Take part in a yoga retreat

When in Bali, its time to relax with some affordable yoga sessions. There are many Yoga Retreats in Indonesia where you can do that, and you can have a good stretch at those places as well. For example, there are plenty of places in Ubud which have multiple beautiful studios, daily classes and retreats.

12. Dance the night away at a beach club

When in Bali, you must wear your dancing shoes and shimmer the night away. Some of the famous places to do that would be the well-known Potato Head Beach Club and Ku De Ta in Seminyak, as well as Old Man’s Bar and Finn’s Beach Club in Canggu.

13. Hang out with the Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island

This is the only place where you can see the Komodo dragons, up, close and personal. Komodo Island is known to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are around two thousand dragons that call this place their home. They roam free on the islands and they move pretty fast. The rangers are there to guide you on this island, so make sure you follow them.

14. Visit the oorangutans in their natural habitat

Most of the orangutans here are semi-wild; they are orphans that are rehabilitated and looked after by the forest officials. If you want to see them, you need to go to Bukit Lawang in Sumatra.

15. Hang out with the locals in Bukit Lawang

In the north of Sumatra, Bukit Lawang is a tiny trekking town. Most people use it as a hub the night before their jungle trek as a result it is not very crowded. But the locals here are very curious and receptive to tourists. The town is lovely and the people are warm and friendly.

Final Words…

There is so much you can see and do that one write up is not enough to describe what Indonesia has to offer. Its time for you to explore on your own and discover the bounty of this wonderful country.