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13 Actionable Ideas to Enjoy Spain Holidays

If you are looking forward to a vacation in Spain, and are wondering what to do there, here are some amazing actionable ideas to indulge in. Please read on and be well-informed.



“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”Marcel Proust

One of the most beautiful destinations in Europe is Spain. It is a country where you can travel endlessly, and experience plenty of things and see a lot. There is so much you can do in Spain. From the twinkling bright lights the country has to the majestic gorgeous beaches of Barcelona, the hidden interiors of the city to the dramatic and mindblowing scenery, there is so much for you to immerse into. You can laze around soaking up the sun, enjoy some Spain yoga retreats or maybe sample some exquisite cuisine, party the night away in beautiful Ibiza, or spend your time at the famous Flamenco club as well. Here are thirteen actionable items or ideas for Spain holidays on your next visit. Please read on and be well-informed.

Discover and explore the islands of Spain

The islands of Spain are very unique and diverse, just as the mainland is. Spain boasts of having some of the most beautiful islands around Europe. From the party hopping island of Ibiza to the more somber and quiet La Gomera, you have them all. Each of the islands of Spain has its own unique touch and flavor, and it depends on what you are looking for, you will find an island best suited for your needs.

Take a tour of the famous Alhambra

In the city of Granada, there is a giant fortress that stands and is a must-see when you visit this part of the county. It was originally constructed in the year 889 AD, and the current structures of the fortress date back to the 13th century. It is a complex of fortifications and palaces. The fortress is positioned in such a way that it oversees the whole city. The fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known to be an important historic destination of the country.

Take a ski trip to Spain

One often does not think of skiing automatically when we talk about Spain, however, if you are heading to Spain this winter, you can take your winter break on the Pyrenees (the Spanish side) which has good snow conditions throughout the season. There are quieter slopes too which are equal to the The Alps. In the Posets – Maladetas, you must try the resort of Benasque, which is a nature reserve and allows for cross-country skiing.

Immerse in the culture of Madrid

Amongst the many things to see and do or experience would be the highlights of the ‘golden triangle’. It comprises the art museums of Museo del Prado, the MuseoNacionalCentrode Arte Reina Sofia, and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. And between them, they house the famous collectibles of Spanish and European art, which includes Picasso’s Guernica too. Madrid is a paradise for art lovers, and it takes around two to three days to explore the city in its entirety.

Visit the beautiful beaches of Malaga

Malaga is both known as the name given to this region of Spain as well as a city on the south of Spain’s Costa del Sol. This area is very popular for the sun, the sea and of course its beaches too and it gets overcrowded in the summer months. But if you visit this area in the winters, from early December to Late February, the uncrowded beaches and the sunny climes will take your breath away. Apart from the beaches, you will also find the beautiful Malaga Cathedral and the Picasso Museum too.

Explore the heart of Andalusia, Ronda

The heart of Andalusia is Ronda, and it is one of the most picturesque towns in Spain. It is famous and draws large crowds to itself each year. Thanks to the medieval remains there is an authentic Spanish feel which is perched on top of the mountain in Spain’s Malaga province. There are three bridges that join this beautiful historic center and there are many points of attraction for the visitor to see. Ronda is well known for the famous Corrida Goyesca, which is the annual bullfight that is held in the Plaza del Toros Ronda.

Take part in the La Tomatina festival

The Spaniards are known well enough for being party people. And in Spain, it is the Bunol residents that are known for throwing a very unusual part, or a sort of a is essentially a very big food fight, known as the LA TOMATINA, where tomatoes are thrown at one another. Before the paella fest, the evening before it starts. The next morning, the streets are filled with crowds, people with tomatoes in their hands. Strangers throw tomatoes at one another in this festival and it carries all day long.

Do a flamenco lesson or watch it live

Dane is an integral part of the Spanish community, and the Spaniards love to party. The national dance of Spain is the Flamenco, and its origins can be traced back to the southern parts of the nation. Now it is an exported icon of the Spanish way of life. Across the country, you will find regular flamenco dancers in bars and restaurants performing their acts. There are larger hotels and resorts across Spain that offers lessons in Flamenco as well.

Hike around the famous Picos De Europa

Holidays in Spain do not mean that you have to be on the beach or you have to visit historic landmarks. If you like to get out and move about in the great outdoors, then walking the trails of the famous Picos de Europa would be the best adventure to have. This is a mountain range which is around 20 kms from the northern coast of Spain.

Have Tapas while in Spain

There is a difference between the tapas you find authentically at the local eateries and the ones which are pale imitations made at home. Tapas is a very traditional way of serving food, and it literally means lid or cover. It allows you to sample many mini dishes together, and along with a glass of sangria. Almost all restaurants and bars in Spain will serve tapas. From patatas to calamari, churros to bravas and more, there would be enough to go around for you to enjoy.

Join and walk the Camino trail

If you love adventure, a hike is a must along the many Camino pilgrimage trails, right into the city of Santiago de Compostela. These are routes that are quite ancient and have been used as travel routes by ancient pilgrims for many centuries now. You don’t have to be religious to join one of these walks or hiking trails, take it as a sense of adventure to immerse in, when you walk these long distance footpaths across the north of Spain.

Conquer the CAMINITO DEL REY hike

Also known as the ‘Kings little pathway’, the famius El Caminito del Rey is a breathtaking walkway alongside the well-known El Chorro gorge which is near the Ardales, situated in the Malaga province. This route is famous amongst thrill seekers from across the world who come to visit it.

Visit the La Sagrada Familia

The construction if this cathedral is breathtakingly gorgeous to say the least. It is dedicated to the Holy Family, and it first began its construction in 1882 and continues even to this day. Legend says, if Gaudis masterpiece is ever completed, the world will come to an end, this is why maybe it’s taking so long to finish. The cathedral is open everyday, but there are restrictions while mass times are on. You must be dressed modestly and there are some parts of the cathedral that are closed due to construction.

In a nutshell…

There is so much more to see and do in Spain, so apart from your Spain yoga retreats and sessions, book yourself on a tour and explore this beautiful country. If you have already been to Spain, do write in and let us know your experience on ideas for Spain holidays.