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Why aspire to be president if you can’t raise N100m for nomination form – APC Spokesman



National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Felix Morka, on Monday said, those aspiring to be president of Nigeria should have the “sufficient base” to raise N100 million.

Mr. Morka said this while fielding questions during a programme on Silverbird Television.

Speaking on the nomination and expression of interest form, which was pegged at N100m by the ruling party for those aspiring to be president, Morka said, “I hate to use the US as an example. The ability to raise funds is a clear criterion whether or not you are eligible to participate at the primaries and the debate especially.

You aspire to run for the highest office in the land, you should have some appeal, some reach to members of the party. Sell your ideas, sell your vision. Forty-five million people giving you N1, do the math and see what it comes to. That is a lot of money. We do have that possibility,” he said.

“But for those who have the money already, they are quite welcome to use their own funds. The party has commitments and we do not have any statutory funding as you know.

“Within the context of Nigeria, N100 million is a lot of money. Those who seek the office around the country are expected to have a sufficient base, otherwise why would you aspire to be president, if you are that obscure or unsupportable by your party members and the electorate?”