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Where to See the Birds in Rwanda.



Rwanda is home to thousands upon thousands of bird species. There is no part of the country that you visit that the Birds in Rwanda does not have its own species that are unique to its region. To have a memorable experience of bird watching in Rwanda, there are camps and resorts that are unique when the memory of your bird watching experience is to be kept. Rwanda has some spectacular bird species that provide a wonderful birding experience of the Birds in Rwanda.

Nyungwe National Park
This is one of the key areas for bird watching in Rwanda. The vast forest of the National park, which is recognised as one of the international bird area (IBA) by Birdlife international is home to some of Rwanda’s Albertine owlet, collared mountain blabber, apalis and so on. This park is a fantastic break if you are in Rwanda for bird watching.

Akagera National Park
This park is one of the few locations in the world where shoebill storks are found. To confirm their rarity, a comfortable way to view the small number of them that are here has not yet been found. But you still get a good view of them most especially if you stay at this park over a little duration of time.

Parc National Des Volcans
This park is home to some 180 species of birds. These include some Albertine endemics like the beautiful francolin, the painted Rwenzori Turaco, Archers robin chat and so many colourful birds. The village you pass through to reach this park is in itself a sight to see. The natives are so friendly that you want to spend some time here before you move on.

The various species of birds that nature has endowed Rwanda with cannot all be mentioned here. But those that have been mentioned and the locations you can watch them from are enough to give you a memorable experience. The beautiful thing about bird watching in Rwanda is that when you go bird watching, you get the bonus of seeing so many other varieties of wildlife. Since you did not set out originally to see this other wildlife, the sight then becomes a bonus on whatever costs you must have incurred to go on the memorable expedition.

Rwanda is full of birds and wildlife so be sure that whenever you take a trip to that countryside to see the sights, then one definite fact is that you will surely get value for your money. This is one gift nature has given to Rwanda that might not have been given to any other nation of the world. So, where do you spot all the birds from in Rwanda? Well the answer to that is all of the country. Just go anywhere your heart leads you to in the land and you are sure to catch a sight of birds you might not see anywhere else. This gift that nature has given to the Rwandan nation is one that should be used to their utmost advantage by ensuring that all tourists that come to see the birds get to have the best times of their lives.