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What You Need To Know About Algerian Couscous.

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Mmmm! Yumii! Am already salivating here. You have heard Algerian couscous mentioned times without number that you are beginning to wonder what makes it so important. Its popularity stems from the fact that this cuisine that is believed to have originated from the Berber nomads is a staple food type in almost every country of the world. There are certain qualities that make the Algerian couscous very special. You should take a look at the following qualities to understand what you need to really know about the Algerian couscous.

Algerian couscous is one food that is present in the food list of almost every country in the world. Although almost every country has a different specific name for it, you should know that it is the same food that the different names are given to. It is even very popular in France and other European countries.

Local Variations
Algerian couscous it might interest you to know has one of the highest number of local variations for any food type. The variations have to do with the type of cereal that is used in making the couscous. Since countries have different variations of staple cereal used in the making of couscous, the end products become different variations of the couscous.

You can serve couscous in many different ways. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity. The many ways of serving it make it adaptable to so many different countries and cultures. It is generally served with vegetable in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. In Libya, it is served with stew and sometimes with meat. As you can see with Algerian couscous, it is different strokes for different folks.

Generally, cereals are one of the most affordable food types across the globe. As a product of the different types of cereals we have around the world, you can afford to feed on Algerian couscous no matter your economic or social status. Since most of the world’s poor people are subsistence farmers, most produce the couscous from the cereal they harvest on their farms which they do not have to pay for.

Whether you have tasted Algerian couscous before or not, the fact still remains that it is one of the most popular dishes the world has known to date. With its ever growing popularity, it might be wise that you also try this Berber wonder from North Africa. With its history dating back to the records of the early 13th century North African cookbooks and its relevance lasting into the present age, there must be something that makes this simple Algerian recipe tick.

Whether it is the simplicity or any of the other qualities you have read that make it so popular is one fact that should get you curious. This curiosity should start you on the path of trying to find out. And trying to find out should lead you to having a great taste of some Algerian couscous yourself. And who knows, when you enter that world you might not easily want to come out.