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Visit Morocco : What Attracts A Visitor To Morocco.

Valentine Chinyem



Morocco’s proximity to Europe attracts a lot of visitors to its beaches. The fall of its dirham currency compared to the high cost of hotels in Spain is another factor that is aiding Morocco’s tourist industry. The list of attractions a visitor can enjoy in Morocco is endless. But here are a few tourist attractions that might interest you as a visitor to Morocco.

Asilah (Arzilah)
This seaside resort is well known for its gates and the locals that are so friendly. The resort is a reminder of Morocco’s colourful past. The ancient structures if this popular tourist centre have not in any way been tampered with by any renovations. The renovations have only been used to complement the ancient structures.

Bab Ruoah
According to ancient history, this used to be one of the five gates that lead into the city of Rabat. It is one of Morocco’s key historical tourist attractions. Although it is a very big edifice its intricate designs are very unique, beautiful and superb.

Citadel Of Chellah Gardens
The arabesque calligraphy that is inscribed at the top of the well designed gate to this garden will not fail to turn you on anytime. Once you take a look at the hundreds of flowers that landscape the garden and which grow into full bloom during Morocco’s spring season, you will immediately know that it was landscaped by people who knew what they were doing. This is one of your must visit if you happen to be in Morocco.

The El-Bahia Palace
Take a look at this palace and you know it could not have been built anytime later than the 19th century. The rich and superb ancient adornments imply it. Located in Marrakech, this giant edifice is believed to have been home to the concubines of one of the greatest rulers of ancient Morocco. The large palace has up to 160 rooms and private quarters that have lavish decorations, fountains, private courtyards, reception areas and individual gardens. Try and see this should you ever find yourself in Morocco as a visitor.

The Forest Of Mamora
The mamora forest is located within the vicinity of Rabbat. With a wide variety of trees, which include cork, eucalyptus, pine and pear. It is a safe haven for so many types of birds and animals. That’s why lovers of nature are sure to visit this forest whenever they happen to be in Morocco. Even if you are not a lover of nature, once you visit Morocco, take a look at this forest and it might change your mind.

There are other attractions in Morocco that bring visitors like the Dakar Rally which is famous throughout the whole world for its dangerous appeal and excitement. These attractions are just enough because even if they be the only sights you are able to see while in Morocco, they are enough to give you memories that can last you a lifetime. After all, one of the things that keep life going is the sweet memories you have gathered and stored over time.