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Vector Ready to Set New Guinness World Record for Longest Rap Freestyle

Valentine Chinyem



Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, better known as Vector tha viper, has taken up the challenge to break Guinness world record for the longest rap freestyle in human history.

Following the success of his certified rap anthem King Kong, Vector was issued a challenge to prove his place as an A-list rapper by setting a new Guinness world record.

This challenge was issued by Rhythm 93.7 FM at the official unveiling of the Rhythm freestyle fury contest.

The quarterly event is generally characterised by a variety of artists faced with themed musical challenges, and Vector is the first ever artist to be issued this particular challenge.

While accepting the challenge, Vector said he would bring his best game as he tries to break the world record.

“It’s an honour for me to be selected as the very first person to take on this challenge, I definitely relish this opportunity to set a new world record and I’m bringing my A-game,” he said.

The show will not only feature Vector rapping nonstop, but will also have four upcoming rappers battling it out for a grand prize.

Open to the public, four people stand a chance of being among the selected rappers battling it out for the grand prize.

Vector won lyricist on the Roll and best rap single at the 2012 Headies.

The longest freestyle rap lasted for 24 hours and 49 seconds and was achieved by Romane Armand (Haiti) in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA, from the 16-17 August 2014.

Culled from Cable News