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Unknown Gunmen Strip, Torture Kidnapped Female Soldier In Southeast, Warn Igbo Youths Against Joining Military



A female Nigerian Army officer, P. P. Johnson, was abducted by some unknown gunmen in Abia State in the early hours of Thursday, 29th December 2022.

The captors vowed to kidnap other Southeasterners serving in the armed forces in the viral video shared in the early hours of Thursday to reveal their evil act.

One of the captors says, “This is wonderful information to our people still in the Nigerian military. That is how you people will die one after the other.

Here it’s happening live in Enugu today, 26th December 2022.

A Lieutenant, 2 star in the military…
This is unknown gunmen. Unknown gunmen have nothing to do with IPOB.”
“Unknown gunmen doesn’t know IPOB.

What we are after is Biafra.

Whether they like it or not, we must gain our freedom. Say goodbye to the world, goodbye to your fellow soldiers, goodbye to this life. Bye bye. This is Enugu highway, we’ll be killing them one after the other”, he added.

This follows the arrest of Nwagwu Chiwendu, a deputy commander of the IPOB Eastern Security Network (ESN).