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UK army to recruit Nigerians, citizens of other Commonwealth countries

Valentine Chinyem



In a bid to bolster and tackle a growing recruitment crises, the British armed forces has decided to recruit nationals of Commonwealth countries who have never lived in the united Kingdom.

The Ministry of Defence who made the announcement, said it has revised residence requirements in the hope of attracting an extra 1,350 personnel a year to the Royal army, navy and air force.

At least 8,200 personnel are needed to fill the shortfall in the full time military in a decade, according to a report from the National Audit Office (NAO).

The new Ministry of Defence policy means applicants from nations including Nigeria, Kenya, India, Australia, Canada, Fiji etc will be considered for all roles in the military.

Presently, however, only citizens of Commonwealth countries can join the military if they have lived in the UK for five years.

More so, details of the period when application can be submitted was not given.