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Tinubu mourns Ajimobi, says he was Oyo’s best governor in history

Valentine Chinyem



Former Lagos Governor and All Progressives Congress(APC) stalwart, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has paid homage to the former Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, who died on Thursday, following a battle with COVID-19.

Describing Ajimobi, as a great statesman, Tinubu said he was the best governor Oyo State ever had.

He said, Ajimobi’s performance was beyond doubt, which made him to become the first governor to ever win a second term in office in the history of the state.

Tinubu wrote, “Our party, the APC, has lost one of its leading lights. The Yoruba race and Oyo State have lost a favourite son. I have lost a dedicated friend, brother, and ally.

“The pain we feel at his passing is beyond what words can describe. This good and excellent man has left us but his energy, activism and commitment to Nigeria and its people shall always be with us.

“He was reputed to be the best and most productive governor Oyo State has had. In this assessment, I concur as do so many others. The numerous infrastructural and public works projects he initiated literally changed the face of Oyo for the better.”

“His legacy as a governor will be an enduring and positive one. The first governor to serve two consecutive terms in Oyo, he broke a political jinx that many said could not be broken.”

More so, he added that the recent emergence of Ajimobi as the Deputy National Chairman (South) of the APC was proof that the former governor was a true party man.

“His recent emergence as deputy national chairman of our party was in affirmation of his many years of service and devotion to the pursuit of democratic governance. The history of the APC cannot be squarely written without him.

“Ajimobi was my friend and brother. He was honest and forthright. He had the interest of the people at heart. We shared a common progressive vision for our country and how to bring prosperity, justice and hope to its people,” Tinubu said.

While praying for the repose of Ajimobi’s soul, Tinubu described him as a devoted husband and father.

“Ajimobi’s death hurts. Yet, we must all find strength in the good way he lived his life and in the fine and good ideals for which he fought. We must carry on with the important task ahead because that is what my dear friend and brother would expect of us,” Tinubu said·