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Thousands of Nigerians to miss visa appointments as US embassy in Abuja & Lagos closes indefinitely

Valentine Chinyem



Thousands of Nigerians will miss their visa appointments as the United States of America have shut its embassy’s in Abuja and Lagos indefinitely.

With this development, persons who had pending visa applications or interviews will have to cancel their plans.

The US embassy in Nigeria disclosed this in a Facebook post, citing the reason for the closure was over government shutdown in the US.

The statement read, “Due to the current US government shutdown, the American centres located in the embassy, Abuja and Consulate-General, Lagos are unfortunately closed. They will re-open once the US government shutdown is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience to our valued patrons.”

The executive arm of government led by President Donald Trump and the legislative arm have been at loggerheads for nearly two months over Trump’s attempt to build a wall along the Mexican border.