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The Only Way To Credible Elections In Nigeria Is Electronic Voting – Goodluck Jonathan

Valentine Chinyem



Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has said electronic voting is the only way to achieve free and fair elections in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

The former president said this while speaking on the presidential panel of The 2020 Osasu Show Symposium.

He said, “To me, if Africa will move forward it is not just about routine conducts of elections. This year alone in West Africa made up of 15 states, we have five states that had elections.

“So in terms of regular elections, we are progressing, but are these elections credible? Are they representing a constructional democratic setting is the issue.

“Regular elections, fine, but elections per se is not democracy. If the votes of the citizens don’t count, then it is as good as military dictatorship. So, from me, the reforms first get to us making the vote counts.

“And taking a critical examination about the way elections are being conducted across the continent at least from the ones I’ve observed, I’ve seen that the only thing that we must do to get there is through electronic voting.

“People may feel, yes someone could manipulate, smart boys who can hack into the system and do all kinds of things, yes, but still people still use electronic system to move hundreds of millions of dollars across the world. So, I still believe very sincerely that that is the way to go.”