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The Minister of Science and Technology Vowed to Be the Best Minister



Mr. Ogbonnaya Onu who was sworn in as the Minister of Science and Technology few days ago has vowed to be the best minister in the cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Minister while speaking during a reception party organized for him by the Concerned Ebonyi State Indigenes promised to work hard in order to become the best minister President Buhari will ever have.

Mr. Onu told his host that he would rather quit politics than to indulge in dishonorable act that will bring shame to his people out of selfish interest. He assured his people that he would behave himself so that Nigerians will know that his home state Ebonyi is really the Salt of the Nation.

Highlighting the importance of Science and Technology in nation building, Mr. Onu, who was once the governor of Abia, said that science and technology were vital for any nation to achieve greatness. Mr. Onu told his audience that the US has not got only the strongest military but also the largest economy and highest diplomacy jt used to resolve conflict thanks to its advanced science and technology.

Mr. Onu said that Nigeria has the potential to be among the 10 best economies in the world. But the Minister insisted that the country could only achieve that with science and technology.

The new Minister of Science and Technology reminded his audience how he established the Technology Village Project in Abia which according to him could not be continued because of the interruption of the military.

Nigeria according to the Minister will attain an enviable height with Science and Technology. While soliciting for their prayers, he assured them that he would work to the best of his ability to become the instrument the country will utilize in getting to unimagined height.

In his speech, the former Commissioner of Works in Ebonyi, Paul Okorie said that President Buhari took the right step in choosing him as a minister. He advised the Minister to be a major figure in the President’s effort to reform our electoral system and to bring uninterrupted power supply.