Monday, February 19, 2018

The Grand Brand : Poem By Balogun Ridwan

The Grand Brand
Creations of times where wars take center stage,
Suffering from depressions foiled by ominous rage,
In times as timid as the number on their age,
They are youths seeing a long torn page,
If ever there was a time we would roll back the years,
Today is gone since yesterday,
Tomorrow fights hard to bring back the promise,
We don’t make life valued, a poor miss,
We grow daily to be better to the letter,
Only to be bettered by letters,
That grow daily in our minds,
Letters like “y?”, “u!” and “i”
Humans won’t stop being humans,
Toes laced with dusty remnants from our journeys,
We go in mildness as we listen to warnings,
Full of running, we feel the right soothe,
Only to see our problems live in suites,
We care for the world,
We care for the masses,
We are a grand brand,

A future for the weak,

The sight of the blind,
The ears of the deaf,
Those who shall win!
Looters, watch it!
Thieves, watch it!
Nemesis has no mercies,
Change before it’s late,
As we await the opening of flourishing gates..
For the grand brand is here,
We are the youth!

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