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The Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing a Grocery Mobile App



Busy schedules, unceasing responsibilities, and life, in general, make it impossible to allocate time towards the small but important everyday tasks. Grocery shopping is a good example. Many of us just want a lazy Sunday that involves curling up in bed and binge-watching movies. But duty calls and those groceries are needed so that we last the week.

As users, we know that a majority of us dread grocery shopping and having to visit the store to buy necessities. But as entrepreneurs, what can you do to solve the problem or rather, make the task easier and more appealing? Bring the grocery store to the user! It’s as simple as that. And we’re not talking about shifting the entire store, that would be silly. We’re talking about digital magic and Grocery Delivery Mobile apps!

If you’re allowing individuals to fully enjoy their lazy weekends, trust me, you will be loved. So, how do you go about this? What is the price to develop a grocery app and what are the steps to take? We’ll discuss everything you need to know on this blog.

Cost of Developing a Grocery Mobile App

Today’s technology has made app development services available at reasonable prices. The time taken for the process has also greatly reduced due to advanced solutions. The app development cost for grocery delivery apps depends on a number of factors. Let’s have a look at the ones that influence the price the most.

Complexity of features

If we look at food delivery apps or taxi-booking apps, we will realize that not all apps have the same features. They might be similar in some aspects especially when it comes to the basic features, but otherwise, there are some distinguishing factors. Grocery apps too work the same way. The simpler features have a basic fee while the more complex ones come at a higher rate. So pick the features you really want your app to provide and speak to your developer. Also, minimalism is a good theme to follow with your app. Too many features can leave the user a bit confused.


The hourly rate charged by developers fluctuates from region to region. This is because the availability of resources, expertise, and also the experience of the company varies significantly. The following are the average hourly rates charged in the various regions.

U.S  $120 – $150

U.K  $70 – $80

India  $20 – $25

Australia  $120 – $130

Android vs. iOS

There are slight differences in the cost of building apps for Android and for iOS platforms. Also, if you require apps for both platforms, then you need to invest a larger sum. The type of technology used will also impact development costs. When you approach a grocery app development company, make sure you ask for a detailed split up of the costs involved to ensure that you have the budget. Then you can go ahead, worry-free.

Third-party App Integrations

A grocery application will have to incorporate various third-party applications for secure payment, message alerts, GPS, social media sharing, etc. This will significantly increase the cost of development. Most businesses do not incorporate all of these in the beginning as it can take a toll on them financially. So when you are building your own app, make sure to plan ahead and choose wisely.


Where are you going to launch your app? Most businesses aim to provide their services in at least two or more regions or states. For regions that speak more than one language, businesses need to include multi-language support in their apps. This can definitely impact the price of development. The more languages to be integrated, the more the expenses. Therefore, keep this in mind when fixing a budget for the development of your app.

The price of grocery shopping apps is affected majorly by the above factors. So, it is important to take these into consideration when getting started on building your own application. You can always make certain choices so that the development services work within your budget.  On the whole, remember that this investment is a one-time thing and is definitely worth it! Our developers make sure that your idea turns into a profit-making business.