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The Average Costs of Chiropractic Care




Despite tough economic times and skyrocketing costs of traditional medical treatment, you merely cannot afford to ignore or neglect your health needs. Sooner or later, you will have to “pay the piper.” In most cases, handling pain now will prevent time and money later. It’s nearly Chiropractor Tulsa always better to deal with your health needs now instead of waiting until you experience some sort of crisis.

Spinal problems, neck or back pain and similar conditions can adversely affect your productivity at work. Health issues, and therefore the failure to treat them, can produce a consequence not just within the health care industry, but within the overall economy.


The Costs of Chiropractic Care vs. Traditional Care by a Physician


Chiropractic’s lower average costs are a significant advantage and one of the reasons chiropractic has become so popular. Experts have compared various factors relating to patients who chose chiropractic care with the same factors as they relate to people who opted for traditional medical care. The differences between the two types of treatment involve three main factors: diagnostic imaging, surgical rates and level of patient satisfaction.


Treatment costs were found to be significantly lower for patients who chose chiropractic care, because chiropractic treatments do not require any medical equipment or prescription medication. I actually read somewhere that chiropractic treatments cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 90% less than surgery.


What a Chiropractor’s Fees Cover


A research survey conducted by Chiropractic Economics magazine indicates that the typical chiropractic session costs about $65. The cost can actually be as low as $34 or the maximum amount as $65, counting on the procedures performed and therefore the stage of treatment you’re in. In addition, overhead costs vary among different regions of the country, and this, too, can influence the costs chiropractors charge.


Usually, your first visit will cost more than a “regular” visit because so many more procedures are involved, and your chiropractor will need to spend extra time with you at the beginning. Your first visit to your chiropractor will probably even be your longest, and follow-up visits are typically less costly .


If any additional procedures or equipment, such as massage sessions, acupuncture or x-rays, become necessary for your treatment, your chiropractor may charge you for those services. Charges will vary for each of these additional services, but your doctor should inform you in advance.


Opportunities for Additional Savings


Although research shows that chiropractic care is already more cost-effective than traditional medical treatment, there are some opportunities for additional savings:


Many health insurance plans include chiropractic care in their coverage. You may be able to take advantage if you’re covered by one of these health insurance plans.


Chiropractic treatments are tax-deductible.


Some chiropractors only accept cash payments. These practitioners frequently charge but others or provide discounts to catch up on patients being unable to use their insurance coverage.


Some chiropractors (like us) believe offering new patients very affordable “First Office Visits” allows patients to easily determine for themselves whether chiropractic care can help them without spending a lot of money.