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Smile Nigeria Introduces Voice Service

Valentine Chinyem



Smile Nigeria, one of the 4G LTE Internet Service Providers in Nigeria has launched voice service in a package called SmileVoice. According to the statement released by the company, the new package will make it possible for their customers to make not just voice calls but also send SMs and make video calls.

Before the introduction of the SmileVoice, the company has a package known as SmileData bundle which provides fast mobile broadband to consumers. It also allows them to send SMSs and make voice calls.

As announced by the company, with SmileVoice, the customers of the company will be able to call all local networks at a very cheap rate. They can also make international calls with SmileVoice.

Smile customers that will want to make calls using the SmileVoice can either download the SmileVoice app free of charge on their mobile device or purchase a Smile SIM card and insert it into a mobile device with Voiceover LTE (VoLTE) enabled features.

As you are making calls, MBs which is converted to local call rate are deducted from your active data bundle.