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Skye Bank Pledges To Aid Nigeria’s Manufacturing Sector.



Nigeria’s top bank, Skye Bank Plc has pledged to aid the growth of the country’s manufacturing sector as the sector is a proven agent of economic transformation.

The pledge was made by the bank’s Executive Director, Abuja and Northern Directorate of the bank, Idris Yakubu, during his address at a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) seminar for the manufacturing sector that the bank organised.

In his address, Yakubu stated that manufacturing or production depicts a good step towards the diversification of Nigeria’s the economic base, as such, manufacturing sector would bring about a wide economic base for Nigeria.
He stated further that apart from the provision of more employment opportunities, manufacturing will also grow the revenue yield of the government and strengthen the ability of government to embark on qualitative developmental projects.

He revealed that Kano is an important city as far as the country’s manufacturing is concerned and the city accommodates a lot of manufacturing companies.

Skye Bank has risen in leaps and bounds and has become one of the leading banks in Nigeria after it was borne out of the merger between Prudent bank, Cooperative Bank, Eko International Bank, Bond Bank and Reliance bank in 2006.