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Six Common Reasons for Not Losing Weight.



You may be following your health routine very well and doing your work outs regularly still you find that the weight loss is not happening the way it should. This might compel you to think about the probable reasons for not losing weight. Despite going through a proper and healthy diet plan and exercise routines, the weight loss becomes stagnant days after days and there could be different reasons for it. Knowing the most common reasons for not losing weight might help one to get over such stagnant situations and one could easily overcome the weight loss plateau.

Six Common Reasons for Not Losing Weight

Is weight loss only about calories?

Weight loss is not only about how much calories taken in or brunt out. The weight loss is not only dependent on the healthy eating and exercise. The weight loss is a total approach. It is about how we set our goals, how we feel motivated towards losing weight and it is about keeping the motivation and zeal for the weight loss at the same level always. Weight loss is a complete change in the lifestyle. It is a combination of methods, will power and environmental factors.

Reason #1- Are you eating too much?

 Eating the low-carb and high protein diet with enough fibers are not enough for losing weight. What is important is regular checking out of the calorie intake at least for some initial days so that there is proper control on the amount of calorie taken into the body. The calorie taken should be less than the calorie burnt to have efficient weight loss.

 Reason #2- Check out stress factors

There is direct relationship between weight loss and stress. When a person is under stress, the cortisol hormone increases the appetite and it also leads to storage of abdominal fats. Check out your reasons of stress and take initiative to get rid of stress.

Reason #3- Reaching weight loss plateau

Every dieter reaches the weight loss plateau at some point of time. It has been found that after initial weight loss happens the weight loss slows down and at one point of time it even stops. Different factors may lead to the weight loss plateau situation such as-doing similar workouts every day, not eating enough calories and overtraining. Try bringing changes to your exercise routine, switch food items of your diet plans and plan out exercise routine intelligently along with a professional health professional.

  Reason #4- Are you sleeping enough?

 Every person need to have minimum hours of sleep to keep the body fit. Lack of sleep can stop the weight loss. As the body does not have required hours of sleep, it affects the metabolism of the body. When the body metabolism changes it affects in different ways such as a person may feel hungry even if actually the person is not hungry at all. When you do not get enough sleep, you are likely to move around less thus ultimately your calorie burn is getting reduced. Losing weight not only depends on physical factors but it is also depends on your mental situation. Taking hot bath, listening to music, reading books are some of the bedtime habits which may help you to have sound sleep.

 Reason #5- Medical reasons

 Having some particular medications can stop one from losing weight. Some chronic diseases can also stop weight loss in people even if they are having regular exercise regimen and eating healthy diet. A person suffering from thyroid deficiency can have reduced body metabolism thus leading to weight gain. A number of drugs such as anti-depressant drugs, diabetes medicine, oral steroids and medicines taken for birth control have weight gain as the side effects if taken for long period of time.

Reason #6- Lack of consistent motivation

You may be doing exercises but skipping a day or two in between. This will not help you to lose weight. Skipping too many work outs means starting the entire weight loss program from the beginning. The workout routine has to be enjoyable and it must fit into the lifestyle and needs of the person. The goals set for the weight loss has to be realistic ones.


Different people might have the same body weight, age and even the same activity level but the weight loss result varies in them. The best solution for them would be to consult the professional health care provider so that they can follow individualized weight loss regimen to get maximum benefit from it.

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