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Sheikh Gumi: Best jihad for Muslims is knowledge, not killings

Valentine Chinyem



A renowned Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has said the best jihad for Muslims now is knowledge and not killings.

He described both western and Islamic knowledge as the best form of jihad every Muslim should acquire.

He spoke yesterday while closing this year’s tafsir at Sultan Bello Mosque Kaduna.

“Allah has not called anybody to kill anybody. There is a system of jihad and the best jihad now is knowledge.

“We need to educate our daughters in the field of medicine if we want to free our married women from being attended to by male doctors.

“We need to make sure our male children go into ICT because everything today is about ICT.

“There are also other important sectors that Muslims are lacking and we need to acquire such knowledge if we really want to be important in the society.

“All these are jihad that we need to do for our future generations,” he sermonised.