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Rochas Okorocha: APC responsible for what Nigerians are going through

Valentine Chinyem



Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha has asked the All Progressives Congress, APC, to take responsibility for the problems facing Nigeriaand stop shifting blames.

He said although the ruling APC inherited challenges, it is the duty of the party to ensure that they were fixed, since these were the tenets on which they were voted into power by Nigerians.

Speaking with State House Correspondents in Abuja, the governor said the party should not complain but work to fix the country.

According to Okorocha, “As APC, we are responsible for everything happening in Nigeria. We are responsible for the good, the bad, the ugly but we are promising Nigerians that we shall fix it.

“We share the pains of Nigerians; every human being must feel it. We also feel what they are going through but we are asking for a little patience.

“Let us do things the right way and do it once and for all. I am sure that by next year, you will begin to see changes, the price of rice will drop, prices of dollars will begin to stabilise and we will see a lot of challenges.

“But at this painful moment, nobody likes it. It is like a woman in the labour room, when she is in the labour room there is no joy but she has to pass through that moment and that moment, she does not wear her high heel shoes, no makeup, no champagne, no party.

“She is going through a process but shortly after that process, joy cometh once she sees the child. So, Nigerians should bear with us as a government.”