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‘R.I.P. APC’ — Man Who Trekked For Buhari In 2015, Starts Anger Trek From Lagos To Abuja To Protest His Re-election Bid

Valentine Chinyem



Muhammad Mukaila, the man who reportedly trekked from Lagos to Abuja to celebrate the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as president in 2015, has expressed disappointment over the present administration to keep its promises.

Speaking with journalists in Lagos on Thursday, Mukaila said he regrets embarking on the trek in 2015, saying he did so, because he thought the president was going to outperform his predecessors.

He added that he is embarking on an “Anger Trek” from Lagos to Abuja, to express the dissatisfaction of Nigerians towards the Buhari-led administration for “failing” to keep its campaign promises and also to protest his re-election bid.



Mukaila, who carried a coffin painted in the colours of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) with R.I.P inscribed on it, said he would not vote for any candidate from the ruling party.

“Actually, I’m here to show my disappointment with this present government of APC. I knew Buhari then, I thought he was who I knew but when he came in, I saw a different thing,” he said.

“As you can see, this is the casket of APC on my head, so I’m very very angry; the youth of this country are angry. We are disappointed with this present government. This government is dead, APC is dead.

“They promised us heaven on earth, 3million jobs in a year which they could not even give us 5000 jobs in a year; they promised to return fuel to N45 per litre but it is now N145; they promised a dollar will be equal to a naira, dollar is N360-N400 now. So we say no more APC, we say no to APC again.

“I trekked during the Buhari victory to celebrate it because we thought we had a change in the government but we are disappointed. Now, I’m working to show the whole nation that we say no more APC and to apreciate those leaders that mean well for the youth.”

When asked if the anger trek was politically motivated, he replied “I am not in anyone’s pocket”.


“This walk is not politically motivated. I used my money to do everything I want to do; I have my money, I don’t need anybody to give me money. I’m just representing the youth of the country, we are not happy.

“I’m trekking from here to Abuja where I’m going to deposit the coffin in the mortuary; this is the body of APC as you can see. It’s going to take me 18-20 days to get to Abuja. And I’m very okay healthwise because I heard that after I trekked in 2015, some people said I fell sick but I wasn’t. I was okay, very Okay. There’s nothing wrong with me.

“When I trekked for APC then, I didn’t ask them to do anything for me, all I’m asking APC for is to put Nigeria in order, the youth should be employed.”