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President Buhari Scraped the Ministry of ICT

Valentine Chinyem



President Buhari has finally inaugurated his ministers assigning portfolios to them.

Indeed, many Nigerians have waited expectantly for the inauguration of the new ministers.

Before the President announced the portfolios of his ministers, he has hinted that his administration would not be able to retain all the ministries his predecessors have because of insufficient funds to pay the ministers. Nigerians were waiting to see the ministries that will be scraped. To the greatest surprised of many people, none of the ministers were given ICT ministry.

The ICT ministry was created by President Jonathan and it was manned by Omobola Johnson who carried out his responsibilities very well. But it seemed that President Buhari has scraped the ministry.

However, President Buhari named Ogbonnaya Onu and Adebayo Shittu, the Minister of Science and Science and Technology and Minister of Communications respectively.

May be, the ministers of communications and science and technology would have to share the responsibilities of the ICT ministry.

Analysts have already started analyzing the implication of not having a separate ministry for ICT. Some believe that there is a need to have a separate ministry for ICT while some see such a ministry as redundant where there are ministries of communications and science and technology. Despite the difference in opinion, one thing is clear, Nigeria needs ICT to attend an enviable height in the comity of nation.