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Plateau Massacre: Oby Ezekwesili Holds Lone Protests To Aso Villa



Former Minister of Education, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, today embarked on a solo march to Aso Villa, to protest the numerous killings in the country.

Her reasons are, President Muhammadu Buhari, needs to put an end to the killings in the country, by rising to the occassion as the c-in-c of the country.

She was however stopped by security operatives stationed at the Aso Villa gate. The operatives were said to have manhandled her while attempting to seized her placard with the word, ‘HELP’ written on it. Journalists covering the protest, were not a spared as their phones and cameras were also seized by the security operatives.

Speaking during the protest, Ezekweili said;

“I am addressing my message to you as the President and C-in-C of Nigeria. I am addressing my DEMANDS to you as that one individual bestowed with the powers of centralized command and control of our security institutions and personnel to enforce the provisions of Section 14 subsection 2b of the Nigerian Constitution (As amended) which states that ‘the welfare and security of the citizens shall be the primary purpose of the government,'”

Six of the 12 demands she highlighted in her message to the President are:

(1) Putting an end to the endless killings by herdsmen going on in the country

(2) Revealing the identity of the perpetrators of these wanton killings in Benue, Taraba, Kaduna, Zamfara, Plateau, Nasarawa and Kogi states etc

(3) Justice for the victims of violent killings across the country and secure the living in all parts of the country

(4) Ending the ineffectiveness of the security establishment

(5) Ending your loyalty to the Service Chiefs

(6) Stopping the blame game and confusing statements on the killings of the citizens.

It will be recalled that over 86 persons lost their lis, following an attack on three villages by Fulani herdsmen.

However, nothing has been heard from the protesting ex-minister, as President Muhammadu Buhari was said to be away visiting Calabar and then, Jos to ascertain situation of the crises.