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Outshine Your Career with B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering




Have you ever looked at the fan and got the curiosity to know its functioning? From the simple mechanism of switch to complex working of air conditioners, we are all surrounded by machines. To put all your curiosity to end, B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering comes to rescue and guides the students with the fundamental principles used in the design, development and construction of almost all of the substantial devices and systems.

Mechanical engineers are associated with the plan, construction and operations of all kinds of machinery. They conceptualize a design for any product to be manufactured. If you have curiosity to unleash the science behind the machines, Mechanical Engineering is the course for you. Before moving to the career prospects in the field let us first understand the course.

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech Mechanical engineering is a four year undergraduate course that students can pursue after intermediate. The program deals with the study of production, designing, and operations of machines. The program aims to prepare students for applying the principles of mechanical engineering for designing, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Most of the Universities in India offer admission in the program via entrance test. Mechanical is the oldest and popular branch of engineering. Students who take up the course as their area of study may require going through a plethora of topics at the undergraduate level. The subjects will cover engineering mechanics, workshop, material science, workshop technology, environmental science, basic electrical and electronics engineering.

Scope of Mechanical Engineering

This course trains students in different fields of mechanical engineering including design, thermal, industrial and production to emphasize the industrial needs. The career possibilities in this field are galore as an aspirant can become an analyst, coding scientist or work as an engineer for development, design, advance manufacturing and mechanical design after finishing with the study.

What are the Career Prospects after the Course?

With the mechanical engineering degree in hand, student is exposed to ample of opportunities in government as well as private sector. Find here the job profiles in mechanical engineering-

·         Analysis and Testing

Industries hire analysis and testing manager to analyze the quality of the product after manufacturing is completed. The profile ensures the flawless working of the machines.

·         Design

The department creates a layout manually or via computer-aided systems of the device. If you are good in drawing and wish to launch career in mechanical engineering this is the profile for you.

·         Production

If you wish to work in manufacturing department and get experience in the production of the machines, this is the best job profile.

·         Research and development

The department deals with the developing and designing of new products and market research. It helps the students to explore the technologies and gain insights of the field.

With the significant skills and aspirants, students must opt from the best engineering colleges in Hyderabad for excellent learning experience. Go for the course to explore the best avenues in the field.