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Obi Worldphone Introduced SF1 and SJ1.5 to the Nigeria Market



Obi Worldphone had provided Nigerian phone shoppers with more choices by introducing its SF1 and SJ1.5 phones to Nigeria market.

The two smartphones were unveiled by Obi World which is a US based smartphone manufacturer during a private cocktail event that took place in Lagos at the Villa Medici, Victoria Islan. The launch events were attended by high profile personalities, journalists from different media houses, entertainer and bloggers.

SF1 and SJ1.5 have charming visual appeal which sets them apart from other smartphones in the market. They are designed by Ammunition, a design studio that is based in San Francisco, USA. The two phones come with a number of features which include a user-friendly interface for Android which enhances the user’s experience both in the aspect of software and hardware.

The smartphone are suitable for smartphone users of different age range, the young, old  and any high-tech enthusiasts. Above all, the two smartphones delivers high performance. They are embodiment of high-end technology from Samsung, Google, Corning Inc., Qualcomm, Dolby, Japan Display Inc. and MediaTek.

The co-founder of Obi Worldphone who was present during the unveiling ceremony of the phone said that the company provided tech-savvy consumers in Nigeria who would like to benefit from the best available technology in the smartphone market with a great proposition. According to him, the company in collaboration with Robert Brunner and his team at Ammunition was able to integrate the best in class technology in creating their smartphones to enable them provide users with unique and exciting experiences.

The goal of the company according to him is to take care of underserved section of the high commoditized smarphone market using obi devices that are embodiment of design and functionality.

Obi Worldphone which has its headquarters in San Francisco was founded in 2014. Today, the company has offices in London, Dubai, Miami, New Delhi, Shenzhen and Singapore.