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Nigerian Verve Introduced Officially in Kenya



Verve which is the biggest payment card brand in Nigeria was on 29 October 2015 introduced into the Kenyan market.

The launch which took place in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya forms part of the strategic plan of Verve brand to increase its customer base and acceptability in the continent of Africa. The card brand is currently utilized by more than 40 banks in Africa including the major banks in Nigeria.

With the yesterday’s launch, Kenya has become the gateway through which the card will get to other six countries in East Africa which include Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. Verve has formed a synergy with the Kenya Commercial Bank to popularize the payment services in Kenya and the other key East African markets mentioned above.

The introduction of Verve card in Kenya will provide Kenyans consumers with more payment options as the country embraces cashless payments. In a cashless society, it is an acceptable practice to have different options of payment.

During the launch ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of Verve International, Charles Ifedi said that some of the fastest growing economies on Africa are located in East and West Africa. According to him, a rapidly expanding trade flows is being witnessed between these two regions of the continent. The increase in trade as he rightly observed will bring about the increase in transportation between the two regions.

Ifedi mentioned that it was part of the long term strategic vision of the company to expand the acceptability of Verve card not just in Africa but across the globe. Talking about the achievement of the company, he said that Verve payment was the first global payment card of the African continent. He described the card brand as an important symbol of economic power in the continent.