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Nigerian Student Dies Barely 2-Weeks After He Was Evacuated From War Torn Ukraine



Barely two weeks after he was evacuated from war torn Ukraine, Huzaifa Habibu, a medical student, has died after returning to Nigeria.

This was revealed by the late student’s father, Habibu Halilu Modaci.

He told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that his son died after complaining of discomfort and loss of appetite.

“Alhamdu Lilah, God gives and take away life, and that’s how he wanted it to happen, there is no doubt about it,” Modaci said.

“Had it been he died in Ukraine so many things would be said about him, that he was either killed by the Russian bombardment or had an accident or even accidentally shot and killed by the Ukrainian Army.”

Habibu was studying medicine in Ukraine before Russian forces invaded the European country in February. He was due to graduate in 2023.