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Nigerian police killed my cousin, did everything to obstruct investigation – Kaycee Madu, Nigerian Canadian Minister

Valentine Chinyem



Nigerian born Canadian Justice Minister, Kaycee Madu, has said his cousin, Chrisantus Korie, was killed by the police in Nigeria in 2013.

He shared his story on Saturday in a series of tweets.

Many Nigerians, both home and abroad have been speaking out and protesting against police brutality.

Mr. Madu while throwing his weight behind the #EndSARS protesters, called for an end to police brutality. He said his cousin’s murder was not investigated by the police and all efforts to get justice became futile.

He encouraged all Nigerians to lend their voices to the fight for freedom from police brutality and injustice.

“I support the people of Nigeria as they protest to end police brutality and extrajudicial killings. My own cousin Chrisantus Nwabueze korie was murdered by Nigerian police in April 2013,” he tweeted.

“Despite my best efforts, the police would not investigate his murder and did everything to obstruct. I also helped to petition a committee of Nigeria’s National Assembly to probe the killing and report back to the house within a timely manner.”

“Fundamental human rights like peace, security and freedom from police brutality are universal. The Nigerian government has an obligation to protect its citizens and deliver substantive police reform.

“Changing the name of SARS and reconstituting it without significant reform won’t be sufficient to satisfy the cry of the Nigerian people for justice.

“Edmund Burke wrote that, ‘the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’. I encourage all Nigerians to stand up and be heard.”