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Nigerian oil mogul, Abdulrahman Bashir imprisoned in the United Kingdom



Abdulrahman Bashir, the Chief Executive Officer of Rahamaniyya Oil and Gas Limited, has been sentenced to 10 months imprisonment in the United Kingdom.

It was gathered that this pronouncement was made in February by Justice Butcher of England and Wales High Court when ruled that Bashir be imprisoned for breaching multiple orders of the court in a pending suit instituted by Sahara Energy Resources Ltd.

Those orders required Rahamaniyya Oil and Gas Ltd to comply with requests for the release of 6,400.69 metric tonnes gas oil to Sahara Energy Resource Ltd or its agent from Rahamaniyya Oil and Gas Ltd, Jetty 6.436181, Ibafon, Kirikiri Waterfront, of Aero Maritime Street, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria (“the Terminal”).

According to the court documents obtained, Mr Abdulrahman Bashir breached those orders by failing to allow or procure Rahamaniyya Oil and Gas Ltd or its servants or agents to allow the release of the said oil from the Terminal.

The court however, made a binding indication that the sentence could be reduced to six months if Mr Bashir complies with the relevant order, which had previously been breached.

Rahamaniyya was however, fined £500,000 while Adebowale Aderemi, its manager, was fined £10,000.