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Nigerian Billionaire Deinde Fernandez is Dead



Highly reputable and well known across the world for his flamboyant wealth, Nigerian billionaire Deinde Fernandez has passed on.

He died on Tuesday in Brussels, Belgium, at the age of 79 from what a source close to his family described as an age-related illness.

The source said he spoke to Fernandez last week and could tell from his breathing that he was very ill, but did not expect that he would die so soon after his conversation with the Lagos-born chief with royal roots.


Fernandez made his mark as a businessman early in life from mining. His business interests cut across oil and gas in Angola and extensive real estate spanning Nigeria, France, the United States, United Kingdom and Belgium.

He was said to own an Island in New York City, a chateau once said to have belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte in France, and a Grade A listed home in Edinburgh.

In addition to being a businessman, he was a renowned diplomat, variously serving as Ambassador Plenipotentiary to a number of countries in Africa.