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MURIC Raises Alarm Over Plot To Use Amotekun To Create Oduduwa Republic

Valentine Chinyem



Muslim Right Concern, MURIC, has accused leaders of South-West states of trying to establish Oduduwa Republic, through the newly created security outfit, Amotekun.

According to the Group’s Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, Muslims in the South-West region of Nigeria would not be part of the proposed Oduduwa Republic.

He said breaking away from the rest of Nigeria cannot be in the best interest of the region.

MURIC lented the exclusion of Yoruba Muslims in political appointments or employment in the job market, adding that they have not been given fair treatment in thr region.

The statement reads, “While we are pleased to observe that it seems the authorities have taken note of our agitation to balance the appointment into Amotekun by recruiting into all cadres from all religious groups, our suggestion of a change of name from ‘Amotekun’ to ‘Oduduwa Guards’ is yet to come to reality.

“The fact that the appointment of retired senior military men also coincided with the beginning of agitations for an Oduduwa Republic speaks volumes. Besides, the agitation has already been taken to the United Nations

“MURIC hereby declares that the silence of Muslims in the Yoruba states must not be mistaken for approval of secessionist moves.”