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Magical Power of Turmeric on your Skin Allergies.



Turmeric is a naturally available germicide which boosts our immunity system and is the perfect cure for skin allergies. Medical systems like Ayurveda, Unani and Naturopathy also use turmeric for nasal, food and skin allergies. This is a spice which is liberally used in Indian cuisine.

Turmeric is a fat-soluble substance which is most effective when dissolved in vegetable oil, butter, cream or milk. People living in the country side grow this tuber in their kitchen garden and I often attach a high regard to this organic medicine. There were many instances in which turmeric came handy in healing me. One such instance was when I was bitten by a small yellow scorpion. It was not poisonous, but the burning sensation the bite caused me was terrible. All I needed to do was rush to our kitchen garden, dig out a small piece of turmeric, rub it on a stone and apply the essence on the burning part. Well, the effect was magical! In a couple of hours I was totally free of the burning sensation. It gives such a cooling effect to the skin.

There were many more instances in which I used to use and, of course, still continue to use turmeric. Turmeric is a naturally available, fresh cosmetic material. For acne, pimple and rash on the skin it works so marvelously well. It tightens the skin, reduces the growth of hair while applied on the face and gives a beautiful yellow tinge to the skin. Ancient India is known for a generous use of turmeric. It symbolizes auspicious wedlock when coupled with vermillion. Regular use of turmeric maintains our skin free of allergies and rashes.

Turmeric is known for its umpteen medicinal properties besides being an inevitable spice of the kitchen. It has anti-inflammatory properties, it is also known to prevent a slow-killer like Alzheimer’s and the real killer like cancer. It is a natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent which is highly useful in disinfecting cuts and burns. Combined with cauliflower, turmeric is known to prevent prostate cancer and stop the growth of existing prostate cancer. It prevented breast cancer from spreading to the lungs in mice. It reduces the risk of childhood leukemia. It also aids in fat metabolism and weight management. Turmeric is known to reshape damaged skin and helps in the treatment of psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions.

A cute little tuber like turmeric can work wonders in maintaining our health. The fresher it is, the better benefits it yields. The magical spell it casts on our skin is just undeniable and all those city-dwellers definitely miss a lot if they cannot access fresh turmeric.


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