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What To Look For In Moroccan Rugs.



Moroccan rugs are one of the most popular types of rugs in the whole world. They are exotic, durable, homemade and beautiful. But how are you sure you are buying a real Moroccan rug? Or how do you make sure that you are not being ripped off? How do you make sure you are paying the right and fair price for it? You can look for the following characteristics in a Moroccan rug to help your buying decision.

When a product is as popular as the Moroccan rug, different versions begin to flood the market. This causes the problem of a lot of imitations finding their way into the market. You have to devise a way to make sure that the rug you are buying is really Moroccan. There are some that are not even made inside Morocco and they do not even conform to standard. Some are made inside Morocco but are of low quality. If you are not careful, such can be sold to you at the price of the original. Whatever you do, check for originality.

Wool is the major component of the Moroccan rug even though because there are different types and classes, some are woven from cotton and others form a mixture of both. This you can always determine by looking at the tufting. For you not to buy a synthetic fake, the way to determine whether a Moroccan rug is synthetic or made from cotton and wool is by holding a flame to its tufting. Different materials will produce different results under the flame. So be wise and open your eyes and your nose.

Real Moroccan rugs are dyed with 100% natural dyes. The fakes are dyed with synthetic dyes and sometimes a mixture of the two. Both the urban type Moroccan rugs and the rural type Moroccan rugs are hand woven and dyed with natural dyes and not synthetic dyes. If you do not get to understand which dye was used and you feel the salesman didn’t say the truth when you asked. Then try proposing to him that you will take the rug home to test and watch how he reacts very closely. With any luck he will open up and tell you the truth or might just decide he is no more interested in selling to you. This would have told you something.


Having read this far, you are no more a total stranger to Moroccan rugs. The only issue remaining now is the variety of sizes, designs and colours which are so many that, making a choice becomes very hard. This is normal because Moroccan rugs are so beautiful that even if 100 different types are placed before you, you will definitely fall in love with all of them. Whenever you are in the market for a Moroccan rug and do not know what to look for in a Moroccan rug, just follow your heart and pick the one it has fallen in love with. They are all worth having.