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Lagosians to Access State Made Laws Online



Residents of Lagos will soon be able to read and download state-made laws online as the governor of the state, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has revealed plans to launch an online platform that will contain all the laws made in the state from 1967 till now.

Mr. Ambode during the formal launch of Laws of Lagos State, 2015 enumerated the benefits of the online platform to investors. According to him, investors would be able to get detailed information about investing in the state which in turn will help them to make an informed decision. The governor also said that through the online platform, investors in the state and prospective investors in the state would come to appreciate the various legal protections they state offers them and their investment.

As explained by the Mr. Ambode, the online law platform would also provide easy access to the state-made laws to any person from any part of the world. He also said that visitors to the site would be able to download all the state-made laws from 1967 till now.

According to the government, the aim of establishing the online laws is to promote a platform for accountability and responsibility. In this way, the government would be able to meet its obligation of providing easy access to state-made laws.

The onus of creating the online law platform as mentioned by the governor is on the state’s Law Reform Commission.

Governor Ambode said that his state has always been at the forefront when it comes to legal and law reforms in Nigeria. According to Mr. Governor, the need to have relevant and up to date laws cannot be over highlighted.

The Attorney General of the State, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem who also is the Commissioner for Justice in the state while talking about the legal reform initiative of the governor said that it was the need to provide proper guidance and information to the citizens through the laws that prompted the decision of the government to reform the law aggressively and extensively. This according to him would in turn improve the effectiveness of the laws, the efficacy of the judiciary and create a veritable platform for transformation in the area of economy and infrastructure in the state.

The Lagos state partnered with Thomson Reuters to compile the 2015 Laws of the Lagos State.

Sneha Shah, the Managing Director of Thomson Reuters in Africa praised the Lagos State Law Reform Commission for the wonderful content they put together which her organization published saying that she was pleased to work with sound people in the commission.

According to her, the Lagos state is a pacesetters in many aspects not only in Nigeria but in Africa at large.