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Jubilation in Ebute-Meta as ‘Terror’ dies in Police custody



A gang leader popularly known as “Terror”, who has been terrorising Ebute-Meta and its environs in Lagos State, has died in Police custody, the Nation Reports.

Terror who has been on the Police wanted list for seven months, was arrested on Sunday around 11.20am on Ondo Street, following a tip-off.

He had previously evaded arrest and had always escaped, each time the police got close to getting him.

Residents, who discovered his hideout, tipped off security operatives and the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Denton, Olarenwaju Quadri led a special squad to fish him out.

On sighting the police, Terror, who was said to be with his gang members identified as Dagbe, Omosoku and Oshankele, opened fire.

The police returned fire; Terror was caught, while the other two escaped with gunshot wounds through the waterside.

When the news of Terror’s arrest was broken, people rushed to Denton Police Station, demanding that he should not be released.

He was said to have died around 1pm.

It was learnt that the crowd, which blocked the express road, included market women and traditional rulers. They cursed the suspect and reportedly asked that he should not be taken to a hospital.

Some eyewitnesses at the police station claimed that the suspect confessed before he died.

One said: “He has made life difficult for a lot of people here. So many people are afraid of Terror and his gang. People celebrated his arrest and his death because if he was taken to hospital, his godfathers, who are politicians, would have found a way to free him.

“He confessed here that he was behind the death of four people at Evans Square in December. His gang killed four people and injured over 20. He also confessed that he was the one who beheaded one member of the Black Axe cult, as well as killed two people in Idumota.

“He also told the police that Oshankele, his gang member who lives in Mushin was the one who keeps their weapons. Terror also said his gang members have killed many policemen and collected their rifles.”

“Yes people are happy and I am also happy. We have been living in fear in Ebute-Meta because of Terror and his gang of criminals. They have done so many bad things. People even fear him in death. I wish the police will arrest members of his gang so that we can have peace,” the witness added.

A security source told The Nation that Terror raped the daughters of some Baale (community heads) in the area.

According to the source, six Baales visited the DPO to thank him for apprehending the suspect.

“People helped us in arresting him. He ran into one house and when his colleagues saw us, they opened fire. When they saw that he would not make it, they shot him so that he won’t confess.

“But we were able to get him to talk before he died. He confessed that they usually engaged in Bank and ATM robbery in Ebute-Meta. That they usually operated on motorcycles and they killed any stubborn victim. He also said they usually terrorised sawmill operators and extorted money from them as well as traders.

“The residents wrote several petitions to the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Operations about Terror’s activities.

“He also confessed that some of his colleagues live at Ijora Badia and Lagos Island. He said they usually attacked people going for morning prayers by laying ambush by their homes and forcing them to part with their valuables.

“He also confessed that he raped many girls, including daughters of Baale, at gun point in their homes.

“He was begging us to give him water but we did not because that would have killed him instantly. He bled and died around 1pm.

“You needed to see the crowd that gathered here. They blocked everywhere, insisting that the police should let him die. They were shouting that he should not be taken to the hospital, that they were tired of his terror,” said the source.

Police spokesperson Dolapo Badmos, a Superintendent of Police (SP), confirmed Terror’s death, adding that a locally-made pistol and an axe were recovered from him.

She said a manhunt has begun for the fleeing suspects.

Source: the Nation