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It Is Our Running Cost That People Call ‘Jumbo Pay’ – Senate Spokesman, Adeyeye

Valentine Chinyem



Spokesperson of the Nigeria Senate, Dayo Adeyeye, has said Senators deserve running costs apart from their regular salaries.

He said this while defending the pay packages of Senators in the country.

According to him, Senators do not enjoy any form of “Jumbo pay”, contrary to popular belief amongst Nigerians.

He noted that, Nigerians need more enlightenment about the controversial matter.

Speaking to journalists in Ado, the Ekiti State capital, Adeyeye, said, even public officers of lower status get adequate running costs for their duties, while adding that, Senators deserve more for the responsibilities on their shoulders.

“Ordinary clerks have running cost in any organization, why should people believe senators are not entitled to running costs and they attribute that as their salaries, calling it Jumbo pay.
“Senators are entitled to running costs as well, apart from the salary. It is this running cost that people call jumbo pay which is not.

“There are over three thousand staff working for the National Assembly, are they not going to be paid? There’s a National Assembly Service Commission fully populated… (But) You just look at a senator and you say they are the ones sharing Nigeria’s money, No,” he said.

“People don’t appreciate the role of the legislator… that is why no matter how much you pay the legislature, they think it is unjustified.