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Iranian President Calls Buhari Over Shi’a Violence in Zaria

Valentine Chinyem



Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has called President Muhammadu Buhari, over the Nigerian Army killing of Shi’ites in Zaria Kaduna.

The Iranian leader cited the need for peace in the Islamic world and particularly the recent catastrophic event in the north of Nigeria.

President Rouhani, meanwhile, referred to the recent visit of President Buhari to Iran and the fruitful results of bilateral talks in improvement of the two countries’ relations as well as his presence in the Organization of Gas Exporting Countries, arguing that such meetings preserve not only both nations’ interests, but also the Islamic world’s benefits, asking for cooperation to secure the Islamic world’s security.

He stressed the need for the injured victims of the clash to be taken care of by the Nigerian Government, especially Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

In his words: ‘The Islamic world is more than ever before in need of peace and peaceful approach to its existing problems,’ he said, emphasizing that a fact-finding committee need to be established to investigate the cause of the violence in northern Nigeria.

‘We expect the Nigerian government to relieve the entire bereaved families and injured victims of that disaster and to issue strict orders to prevent the occurrence of any further unrests,’ Rouhani added.

‘A group is after sowing the seeds of discord among Muslim in Islamic countries and therefore it is our duty to preserve Islam’s prestige and the Muslims unity alertly and consciously,’ he said.

Rouhani also announced Iran’s readiness to dispatch any special assistance, such as medical, rescue and relief teams to assist victims of the violence.

President Buhari, however in his response, appreciated his Iranian counterpart’s sensitivity about the world and Nigerian Muslims, emphasizing that he does realize his responsibility to safeguard Nigerian Muslims’ lives.

‘The Nigerian government is also determined to pursue the precise causes of the occurrence of that incidence and will definitely react to it accordingly,’ he added.

‘We will also do our best to restore security in our country and will act against those who have disturbed it,’ he said.