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InnJoo Launched Fingerprint Technology Smartphones, TV in Nigeria



InnJoo which is one of the top brands of electronics in Nigeria has introduced the Max 2 and Max 2 Plus which are smartphones with big batteries. The company also launched its second flagship model ‘InnJoo 2’ during the same occasion.

The Launching ceremony took place in Lagos, Nigeria. During the launch, the company also unveiled its smart TV set created with the fingerprint technology.

Robert Liang, the Managing Director of InnJoo Africa while talking about the flagship model InnJoo 2, highlighted its features saying that it comes with Finger 2.0 technology which according to him is the newest fingerprint detector and recognition algorithm’s module. The TV set has high speed of 508PPI resolution of finger print and with this, the recognition and recording of the finger print of the user becomes easier and quicker.