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“I’d rather lose than test positive to drugs” – Anthony Joshua

Valentine Chinyem



Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua said, having a good name is better than leaving a soiled legacy from testing positive to drugs.

He said this following questions asked about his Russian opponent, Alexander Povetkin, who he is due to face later this year on September, 22.

Povetkin it would be recalled, was banned following failed drug test; He tested positive for steroids twice in 2016 and was suspended indefinitely by the WBC, who also imposed a $250,000 fine. He was billed to face Deontay Wilder and Bermaine Stiverne, in a World Title.

Joshua said, “If I missed a test or was even an hour late for one people would say oh, he must be doping.

“They would deal with me (if I failed a test) and I know they would make an example of me and I would never be able to box again.

“I would rather take a loss than be done for doping; being done for doping is far worse for your legacy than taking a loss,” he added.

“Drugs don’t make you a better fighter. I prefer to work hard and stay clean and do the best I can in every fight,” he said.

While expressing sadness, that it was unfortunate for his opponent at the time but at least, “I know he will be fighting clean against me,” he concluded.

However, Povetkin debunked claims that he took banned substances before his ban: “I don’t think that our sportsman in Russia consume all those things [drugs] they are accused of.

As an amateur, I understood what we were taking, and I can assure you there was nothing prohibited. Never was there anything out of the ordinary either for myself or the team that was offered to us, or discussed.”

More so, he added that, ‘For years I tested clean yet suddenly I am supposed to have taken drugs immediately before two big fights (in Moscow).

“There was something wrong about what happened which is why my suspension was ended. Nor do I believe that Russian sportsmen are consuming these substances in anything like the amounts being said.

“I have earned the right to this fight by beating the other heavyweights to become Joshua’s mandatory. I don’t know how people will see me in the fight but I am sure there will be many respecting me and rooting for me.”