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“I was slapped by a policeman who kicked me and shot at me ” – Fayose

Valentine Chinyem



Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose who reportedly collapsed after inhaling chemicals from teargas allegedly fired by policemen, who laid siege at the Ekiti State on Wednesday morning, has addressed the people of the state.

The governor wore a cervical collar when he mounted the podium, assisted by his aids; With tears in his eyes, he narrated how a policeman allegedly slapped him to the teaming crowd at a rally organised by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the state house.

He said he was in serious pains but only left the hospital bed, where he was receiving treatment to briefly address the crowd.

“My people, the Lord will fight this battle. The mopol of the Nigerian police and the AIG ordered that the governor should be killed. I was slapped by a policeman who kicked me and shot at me but I want you all to be strong and be of great courage,” he said.

“This battle must be won. This is army of occupation, they have come to occupy our land. This is not the democracy we asked for. I want you to stand and remain standing, don’t be afraid.

“Remain and face them. I pray they will not cause 1983 problem in Ekiti. I call on the international community, Ekiti is under siege, Nigeria is in trouble, it is our hour of need. How can I be a governor of Ekiti state and be treated like this in our own country?

“I will go back to the hospital and remain there for a while to rest. I am having a lot of pains but I prefer to bear these pains because of you. I am in severe pain, I can’t turn this neck anymore. If anything happens to me, the inspector general of police should be held accountable.”