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“I Never Want To Meet Someone So Lifeless Again” – US President, Trump told His Aides after Meeting With Buhari

Valentine Chinyem



United State of America President, Donald Trump has been quoted saying, he “never wants to meet someone as lifeless” as President Muhamadu Buhari again, the Financial Times reports.

He said this after he had a meeting with the Nigerian leader in April, the report by Financial Times says.

According to the report, three persons privy to the conversation confirmed to Financial Times that president Trump was not quite pleased with the failing energy of the ailing Nigerian leader who is now 75. The meeting further strained the US-Africa ties making it necessary for a future meeting with an African leader to require an assessment before scheduling.

To repair the image of Africa before the US, young president Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya is to meet with Donald Trump on Monday. It is hoped that Kenyatta’s meeting will signal an end to US neglect of the continent.

The Trump meeting with Buhari needed a quick panacea and Kenyatta has come in timely to fill that void and restore the respect US has for Africa.

Joshua Meservey, senior policy analyst for Africa at the Heritage Foundation, said: “Presidents Trump and Kenyatta have a pretty warm relationship which can hopefully pave the way for more engagement with Kenya and the rest of Africa.” The Kenyan president, he suspected, might try to “carry the torch” for the whole continent according to Financial Times.

Mr Kenyatta will also meet Theresa May, the British prime minister, in Nairobi next week. He is also billed to be in Beijing in early September for the Forum on China-Africa Co-operation summit to be presided over by Xi Jinping, China’s president.