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How To Make Yourself Cry




Crying is natural phenomena for human beings we all cry out of emotions, anger, joy, frustration, peace, happiness and sadness, while seeing somebody departing we cry, any near dear one who leaves the world makes people to cry out of sorrow and grief, when your beloved betrays you or breaks your heart then emotion and anger wells up together and overflows through your eyes in the form of tears. Crying makes you feel light headed and free of stress and complications so sometimes it’s better to cry forcefully to relieve your nerves. There are various forms of crying like weeping, sobbing, wailing whimpering bawling. Blubbering, etc.

The artists on cameras cry in seconds or some cheap manipulators do it in a whiff of seconds to gain some sympathy but is it really possible to fake tears for normal human beings? Well in this article you will read about How to make yourself cry.


  • Settle yourself in a lonely place free from noise and interruptions.
  • Set your room or lobby with some indoor plants very soft music and dim light making the atmosphere sad and gloomy.
  • Concentrate on your past upsetting and uncomfortable moments, reliving the past will help tears to well up in your eyes.
  • Keep noisy devices away from you like mobile phones.
  • Think of most embarrassing situations you don’t want to remember.


  1. Make your eyes well up with tears: hold your eyes wide open for a little long causing them to dry and itch, eventually the dryness will trigger your eyes to start watering and faking tears you can stand under the fan for the air blowing and making them to water, isn’t this an amazing technique to learn how to make yourself cry.
  2. Bite the inner part of your lips: try to hold your breath for a second to bite the inner part of your lips this will focus your senses on the pain and you will find tears rolling down the cheeks so whenever you to cry on command you need to induce a sweet pain.
  3. Onion method: the most successful method to fake tears is using a raw onion, if you can escape to another room in middle of conversation then grab an unwashed raw onion and start cutting it grab few slices and get a close whiff of it and return to conversation covering your face with your hands and meanwhile onion will show its magic and you will find water flowing from your eyes.
  4. Apply tear stick: someday you can be an actor if you learn how to make yourself cry, take mentholated tear stick and gently rub it under your eyes you will feel an itch under your eyes then blink your eyes in few seconds you will find tears rolling down your cheeks but be careful and make sure that any substance must not get in your eyes.