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How Google Instant App Can Be Used on Android



Instant apps have served to be a boon in solving real-life problems. If you are having trouble with phone storage and RAM issues, instant apps will change the entire concept of the mobile era. Google created something that will bound to create the interest of the user. It is such an application that lets the user access a cloud-based version on an Android phone where you will not need the use of Play Store.

Commenced in 2016 by Google, Instant apps stand between native and web apps. Once you have decided to download the full app, you can do the same through the apk file. There are different ways of downloading the same. Now when you have downloaded the instant apps, you need to know how to use the same. Here is how you can do that with the help of app store SEO.

Enable Instant Application

If you are going through the Play Store, you will have to delve into finding the proper number of an instant application already. And when you do find the same, all you have to do is to click on them. You will be able to find the instant application through the conventional search option. If you do have the link directly to the application, you will not have to visit the Play Store. A Simple click on the link and you are good to go. Using instant application is more of the setup process. You will have to enable your device for the same.

To check whether it is enabled or not, you need to

     Go to the settings menu of your respective Android mobile

     Find the option in the Google portion of the menu in the category: Personal

     Now enter to Services section to tap on “Instant Apps”

     Turn it on

     Then go to the instructions page and select “yes, I’m in”.

     And you are all set to start!

Before doing all the above, go through the instructions page properly.

Using Instant Applications

As stated earlier, with the use of the instant application on your android mobile, you will no more have to bear any sort of hassle.

The thing that you need to do is –

     Implementation of  a Google search about the applications

     It will be about the support of the instant feature for mobile app marketing, just from your Android phone.

     You will be able to see that  the Search Engine Result Page opens

     You will just have to tap on the application that is capable enough to support the “instant” feature.

     Then, tap on “Open”.

After this, the instant application opens. You will find nothing different about it. It is similar to the other application used in the phone that you have downloaded from your Google Play Store.

Let’s take an example, it could be Wish. It allows the users to conduct all the basic functionality of an eCommerce native application just the way you tend to browse through products.

Not only this, you are entitled to order from this instant application and apart from the same, you will not even have to do any sort of installations.

The procedure is pretty easy. All you need to do is to pull down the notification window. Here you will be presented with a number of options. You will be able to see “Go to Web” and “App Info”.

You will have to opt for “App Info”. A new window appears. Here you will be able to find the option to install the same. Beside the installation option, you will also be able to find other options for clearing the residual application data.

You will also be able to grant permission to the application, check the supported links as well as go through the privacy policy of the same through the very same window.

When you select the option for the installation of the application, you will allow the owner of the app to get their applications installed on their Android phone. The application will be looking the same as the one you see in the web version.

If you click on the 3 vertically aligned dots which is seen in the corner of the present screens, another small window will pop up. The window will open up where you will be able to go through a total of 3 options. Out of which, two will let you view the application on Google PlaY Store, check through the licences that are open sources. There is also a section for Help and Feedback.

Final Words –

The entire procedure of setting up, installation and using an instant app is pretty easy with no hassle.

You will be able to use it to an extent through Google chrome or go to the install button and you are good to go. Though it is easy to use, you will not be able to find an ample number of apps.

Instant apps are going to be in demand in the near future. and the reasons are pretty obvious. They are highly capable of grabbing the market and opportunity with passing time.