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How Does a Solar Powered Water Pump Works?




If you live in a remote area and are not part of the electrical grid, you can still pump water for your crops, give livestock to drink, and store some for domestic use. All of this is possible by installing a high-quality solar-powered water pumping system.

Solar water pumps provide a clean and affordable alternative to windmills and generators. They require no fuel to run and are easy to maintain.

For those looking to install a solar water pump system in their farm or home, Fire Mountain Solar is here to help. With more than 18 years of experience, we’ll recommend the best solar water pump for your needs. Additionally, Fire Mountain offers high-quality solar panels, solar water pumps, inverters, batteries, and much more.

A solar water pumping system

Solar panel

The solar panel is also referred to as the solar module. A solar-powered water pump system is made up of a power source consisting of solar panels. Every solar panel has solar cells, which are the building blocks. Furthermore, a solar cell has two or more specially fixed layers of semiconducting material, which is normally silicon and it creates direct current (DC) electricity when exposed to sunlight.

Solar charge controller

Thereafter, the DC current moves to a control box which manages the power created. The control box is known as the Solar charge controller. The controller has the ability to regulate the speed of the pump motor so that it operates at full efficiency utilizing a program known as Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).

Additionally, the best solar charge controller protects the pump motor from lower power situations or overvoltage. Basing on the input of the processor, the control box can start and stop the pump and even show the status of the systems.

Solar inverter

If you want to use solar power for home use, you will have to acquire a quality solar inverter. The solar inverter works by converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which later moves the water pump. Get a reliable solar inverter like the new Grid/Hybrid Outback solar inverter, Radian series from FM Solar.

A water pump

When the sun shines and electricity is generated, the current moves the motor and the water pump functions. A water pump is an electro-mechanical unit that moves water by mechanical action when powered by solar energy. Note that different water pump sizes are needed to pump water depending on the water table level, distance to move the water, and the pumping quantity needs.  Some of the major types of solar water pumps are surface-mounted pumps and deep-well or submersible pumps.

For those who want the pump to operate at night, a battery system is needed.  

Battery bank

The battery bank can store electricity during the day and power the pump later at night when solar energy is not being generated. In this case, you will have to increase the number of solar panels to charge the battery bank.  

Common uses for solar water pumps

  • Offering water for livestock

  • Fountain pumps

  • Swimming pool pumps

  • Irrigation

  • Home pumps

  • Circulation pumps in ponds

  • Industrial water processing

Things to consider when installing a solar water pump

Before installing a solar powered water pump, there are a few things that you need to consider. Solar panels work more efficiently when pointed towards the south because most of the sun’s rays are directed at North America from the south direction. Also, you have the option of mounting solar modules on the ground or atop a pole. With so many dangers on the ground such as damage from kids and animals, solar panels are better off when mounted on polls.


Choosing the best solar powered water pump system will ensure that you get a continuous supply of water and save on operational costs if you live off-grid or in areas with weak electricity and water supply.


For the best solar water pumping systems, get in touch with FM Solar and speak with one of the energy storage experts for additional information and a quote.