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Foreign students can now work in UK for two years after graduation – Boris Johnson



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has announced that international students will henceforth be allowed to stay back and work in the United Kingdom for two years after graduating.

This is against the previous decision by the Government which had previously restricted the period to four months. The immediate past Prime Minister, Theresa May, had taken the controversial decision to reduce the period spent by international students who complete their studies in the UK to four months.

Many critic however argued that the new policy by May would deter international students from applying to British institutions and would lead to the loss of bright students who could contribute to the growth of the United Kingdom, after being educated there.

More so, in March, the government opened up on it’s proposed plan to extend this to six months, but surprisingly, the new plan would permit graduates leave to stay and work – or look for work – for two years after completing their studies.

The new post-study work visa will come into effect for students starting courses at undergraduate level or above in 2020, and is open to graduates in any subject and for jobs in any sector.

The government said students will need to have successfully completed a degree from a trusted UK university or higher education provider with a track record of upholding immigration checks.