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What to Do About The Foreign Names of Nigerian Fashion Designers.



Notable fashion designers around the globe like Giorgio, Armani, Gianni Versace and so on use their given real names to market their brands. This is not so with Nigerian fashion designers. Take the case of Folake Folarin Coker’s line called Tiffany Amber or Edith Okon’s line called House of Maufechi or Kelechi Ugoji’s line called Glee House and so on. Why are Nigerian fashion designers acquiring another use of fashion in using foreign names to market their brands? There are a number of reasons that could be responsible for the trend let’s take a look and see.
Nigerian fashion designers are voting for Eurocentric names first and foremost because of the appeal foreign names have for Nigerians. It is not as if they are ashamed of their given names. Nigerians love everything that is foreign even if it is just a name. The purpose of every business is to acquire clients and make sales. So if it is a name that will generate sales, so be it.
Nigerian fashion designers will not want to limit their products to only Nigerian markets. Every designer will eventually want to extend the market for their labels and brands beyond the Nigerian borders. It might not sound logical to have some Nigerian names on products that will be marketed in foreign lands. Imagine a name like Chukwudi, Danjuma or Gbadebo on a product you want to market abroad.
The mindset of the Nigerian is such that if a product is not foreign, then he takes it to be inferior in quality. So since the Nigerian market is the primary market for these Nigerian designers, they use foreign names so their brands can compete with foreign contemporaries. It is one way of making sure that their products are not looked on as being inferior. When they use those names, clients cannot differentiate which brands are local and which ones are imported.
So what is to be done about these foreign names that are flying left, right and centre in the Nigerian fashion industry? It will be wise and beneficial to let the designers understand that Nigerian names are beautiful and might even be more beneficial because such a name might even ensure the growth of a niche more quickly.
The Nigerian fashion market also needs to encourage our local designers by purchasing their products irrespective of whether they give their brands foreign or local names. This will help in ensuring that this fashion brands evolve and become popular over time.
Even the nation’s economy will benefit from this arrangement because should the brands become so popular that they start attending fashion shows abroad, much needed foreign exchange will be generated for the country’s economy. This will ensure that the economy becomes vibrant and very strong.
What to do about the foreign names of Nigerian fashion designers? Show them that Nigerian names are beautiful, so beautiful that they can be a launching pad to becoming a brand that is known internationally.